Meet and seduce a girl – girl to rest on the first date!

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100% working step by step instructions how to excite GIRL

Through sex, and the process depends heavily on how well you know how to excite a girl. REMEMBER THESE SIX STEPS uncomplicated, with which it to provide Excitation on the highest level, and as a consequence – YOUR regular sex, GOOD MOOD AND OTHER nice bonus.


Art excitation girls – erotic game that does not start in bed, and since the moment when you call her to invite to dinner. Use well-known conventional wisdom – she loves the ears, so even in the restaurant starter plant it – whisper in your ear different amenities. If you do not know what to say, start to admire her gorgeous body, take advantage of the classics of the genre : ” You’re so sexy,” ” turn me on your smell ” continue in this spirit. Compliments may be tinged with lust and debauchery, but then you yourself should already feel the mood of his chosen. Continue reading

What to talk about with a girl on a first date

These tips will help you to maintain a conversation, make it interesting and rich, pick a topic of conversation with the girl.

Sometimes if you have such that on a date with a girl you have discussed, it would seem, all common themes and in conversation there was an awkward pause ? Or do you sometimes do not know what and how to have a really interesting conversation with a girl? I used to have this also happens, that’s why I began to develop this topic.

These tips will help you keep the conversation going, make it interesting and rich, and follow all the advice you might hear : “Wow, you’re so cool and fun! ”


Be original. It’s probably trite advice, but I mean, that we should not only talk about everyday topics of conversation with the girl in the format of work-study – weather. As a rule, it is boring, unless of course you’re not working promoter clubbing or she does not learn at the Institute of Astronautics. Continue reading

ERRORS When Dating

[1]TO familiar with the girls in the street, you have to look good : polished boots, smell delicious, tidy clothes and size, PRESENT SMILE – can begin.


The most important thing – to understand what any girl would be nice, if it fits on the street and beautifully discover interesting young man. But in any case will not start to stick or stick, and fit to talk. Attention pleasure any girl. How to do it nicely – Read more.


Very cool, if you establish eye-contact before exploring, imagine how great you will be with her, you understand that you are cool and so is she, her cool smile at the edge of the lips (you can even wink ) – she usually smile back. You can smile at the mirror to practice, but when the girl is really like, then smile and look forward this. Continue reading


Without leaving the comfortable sofas and without letting go of TELEPHONE, YOU CAN CLOCK Meet New beautiful girls from social networks. All the cards in your hands – her profile, photos, and most importantly – the mutual desire of online communication. BUT before starting to surf the site looking for interesting singles – Please note ADVICE.

In order to facilitate the task of online dating, indicate their purpose in the questionnaire. For example: ” It is not looking for a serious relationship, but if I can find it, you will not let go.” It will honestly and correctly both in relation to girls. Because, as you know, 99 % of girls are sitting on dating sites to find a guy for a serious relationship.

Getting on the Internet is second to none in the slightest degree the serious business because it begins with setting goals and objectives. A goal may be different – friendship, communication, joint visit to Turkey, the love of my life, sex for one night. Continue reading

QUICK SEDUCTION – Physical contact

To start just look into her eyes and asked, ROMANTIC MAN IS IT. AFTER she’d say, “Yes”, do not say anything, JUST gently kiss her, and then move on to a long, deep kiss.

Never start a relationship with a girl BEFORE sleep with her. Please let it be sex, and only then ( and only then ) YOU will decide you want a relationship with this woman or not.

Now before the actual sex in general do not say anything.
Kiss her in French ( 30 seconds ).
Then go on to kiss the neck, ears, let your hands explore the area… Her chest, back, waist, hips…
If all goes well, act on, kiss her neck, collarbone, shoulders, back ear.
– If everything goes as planned, try to kiss more gently, just to torment her, joked, be cheerful, do not be nervous, ie rollback a step or two, then go ahead. Perhaps you need 4-5 returns and repeated offensives in order to overcome this barrier. Continue reading


How to have women like to have sex… and forced to do things about which you always dreamed of…

Man and Woman – What’s the Difference ? To begin, I want to remind you about the differences in how men and women reach and experience sexual arousal. For clarity, let ‘s define the word “experience”. Like everyone else, we’ll use the five primary senses to gather information about the world. This is called the “perception”.

The main part of perception occurs at an unconscious level. And only after that we treat that perceived by our senses. We compare the new experience so that we already have, we decompose it on the shelves, we imagine, and we unconsciously react to it.

Now we make decisions about what we do with what we have just experienced. Again, everything happens unconsciously. Finally, we do what we decided to do. And did you know… again, mostly unconsciously. Continue reading